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New Hidden Mickey Pins Arriving At Disney Parks In July 2014

HMP865965Now that summer has arrived disney world hotel and ticket packages at Disney Parks , guests will soon find new Hidden Mickey pins at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. These unique pins will be distributed to cast members to use for trading with guests by late July 2014. You may recall that we typically release two different waves of pins a year (the first wave this year was introduced back in February ). Here is a closer look at what guests can expect to trade in the coming months. Cast members at Disneyland Resort will soon receive an assortment of 30 different pins to use for trading with guests. The image above is a checklist to help you identify the new pins coming to California. As a reminder, Hidden Mickey pins typically measure about 1.25-inches and contain the phrase ?Hidden Mickey Pin? on the back of the pin. I think my favorite series features Disney Birds (I?m partial to birds, especially ones that are orange ). The special thing about this series is that there will be five different Disney bird pins found at Walt Disney World Resort that complement the pins at Disneyland Resort. The ?Villainous Sidekicks? collection will also feature complementary pins. The image above shows the 30 pins that will be distributed to cast members at Walt Disney World Resort. The series that caught my eye in this collection is the character themed MagicBands. Chaser pins will also be included in this new wave for 2014. These silver-colored pins are rarer to find compared to their full color counterparts. Which pins do you want to trade? Please share in the comments below. New Hidden Mickey Pins Arriving at Disney Parks in July 2014 by Steven Miller: Originally posted on the Disney Parks Blog
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